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CA Kunal Pasari


Committee Member (2023-24):

Muskan Rohira (TY-BBA)

Kratika Patidar (TY-BBA)

Aditya Rajput (SY-BBA)

Yohaan Dumasia (FY-BBA)

Gurusevak Singh Bhogal (FY-BBA)



  • The objective of the Entrepreneurship Cell is to create entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow. The E-Cell plans to conduct various workshops and competitions. 
  • The E-Cell aims to host numerous speaker sessions, events and activities revolving around the theme of entrepreneurship.
  • The E-Cell will act as a platform between the industry and our students. The goal is to refine our ideas and thoughts related to entrepreneurship. 





Mr. Rajendra Agrawal


Committee Member (2023-24):

Pratigya Gindodia (TY-BBA)

Kratika Patidar (SY-BBA)

Manasi Wankhede (SY-BBA)

Sameer Barandwal (FY-BBA)

Mrudul Lahane (FY-BBA)



  • The primary objective of this club is to stimulate insightful thinking among the students.
  • To act as a catalyst for upgrading and honing students’ skills
  • To encourage students become orators to display their intellectual and independent thinking skills and imbibe a sense of confidence professionally and socially.
  • To develop interpersonal skills amongst the students and promote team work, ability to speak before the audience thereby increasing the emotional quotient of the students.




CA Pooja Sadane


Committee Member (2023-24):

Esha Jain (TY-BBA)

Kartik Khandelwal (TY-BBA)

Riddhi Agrawal (SY-BBA)

Dhruv Ambre (SY-BBA)

Harshini Gandhi (SY-BBA)

Niharika Agrawal (FY – BBA)



  • To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the hidden talents of students.
  • Acknowledging them on their potentials, enhance their creativity, teach them the importance of teamwork and giving them opportunity for developing management skills.




Mrs. Kiran Uppal


Committee Member (2023-24):

Falguni Patil (TY-BBA)

Komalpreet Kaur (SY-BBA)

Parul Jaiswal (SY-BBA)

Parthi Mundada (SY-BBA)

Ruchita Mahale (FY-BBA)



  • The objective of Sahayak Committee is to promote social work among the students
  • To Serve the society in its possible needs and perform the responsibilities towards the society
  • To generate Opportunity of Learning and develop Leadership Skill among the students
  • To promote the intercultural relations and welfare of the students

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