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Mittal Appliances Ltd in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh

On 13th March 2023, Nmims SOC Dhule campus had organized an industrial visit for the students. The industry visited was Mittal Appliances Ltd in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. Mittal Appliances Ltd is one of India’s largest manufacturers of cases, tubes, cups, coin blanks, medals, strips and foils. They also supply its products to the defense industry at a global level. The students were given in-depth knowledge about their product manufacturing processes with the guidance of trained staff. Also a Q&A session was arranged for the students where the students got the opportunity to interact with the manager as well as the HR Head of the company. Visit at the plant really helped the students to gain a practical exposure. Overall, it was a very informative, educative and illuminating experience for our students. After the industrial visit the students were taken to Maheshwar, which is known for its holy Narmada River, gorgeous Ghats and Maheshwari Sarees. The students got a chance to taste the authentic cuisine of Madhya Pradesh. A boat ride over the holy Narmada River helped them gain the essence of Maheshwar. Nmims School of Commerce Dhule plans to organize more such experience rich industrial visits to different companies in the upcoming academic years for its students.

Tech Mahindra Plant, Nashik

A field visit to Tech Mahindra Plant of Nashik was organized by SOC for students of all 3 years of BBA. The visit consisted of tour to the plant were cars like Scorpio and Thar were being assembled and also a detailed session was arranged on HR policies & procedures and logistics and supply chain management. The students gained lot of insights about how things work in corporate life. To make the day lighter, students were also taken to a mall nearby where they enjoyed recreation facilities. In all, it was a learning day filled with lots of fun

Jain Farm Fresh Ltd, Jain Valley, Shirsoli Road, Jalgaon


Date of Visit: 19th January 2019

The Batch of F.Y. BBA & F.Y. B.Com (Hons) along with faculties and staff members visited Jain Farm Fresh Ltd and Gandhi Research Foundation, Jain Valley, Shirsoli Road, Jalgaon. 
JFFFL, a subsidiary of JISL, is one of the world?s largest fruits and vegetable processers. It processes mango, bananas, strawberries, citrus fruits and also engages in onion and vegetable dehydration. The students were given a guided tour of the Spice Processing Plant and Agro Processing Plan and the plant managers at both the plants answered all the queries of the students. The students were also given samples of some of their products for tasting which the students enjoyed thoroughly.


Visit to Spice Processing Plant


Visit to Agro Processing Plant


Visit to Gandhi Research Foundation

We also visited 'Gandhi Teerth', an international centre for Gandhian study, research and dialogue. Its core objective is to preserve and promote the Gandhian ideology and legacy. Gandhi Teerth (a holy abode) is a magnificent 65,000 sq. ft. sustainable structure located at Jain Hills. 
We visited the following facilities at Gandhi Teerth:
'Khoj Gandhiji Ki' museum:A thematic, state-of-art, interactive multimedia museum conceived and commissioned to disseminate Gandhiji's life-lessons and ideology, as also the saga of Indian independence movement. 
GIRI (Gandhi International Research Institute) : The academic arm of GRF which awards diplomas, degrees and facilitate research in Gandhian studies. 
Gandhiana : Collection, classification, indexing and synopsizing of publications by and on Gandhiji.
Gandhi Archives : Preservation of archival publications related to Gandhiji and the Indian Freedom Struggle. 
Students later enjoyed the horse riding facility available at the venue.



Visit to Parishram :It gives us a glimpse of Mr. Bhavarlalji Jain's Journey which began in 1960.

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