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EVENTS 2023-24

Rang Taali, 2023

Navratri night in college is a lively and spirited event that adds a festive touch to the campus atmosphere. Typically organized by Synflair committee, this night is a celebration of the traditional Hindu festival of Navratri with a youthful and modern twist. The event was named as "Rang Taali”.

Devotees and enthusiasts students gathered on the campus ground at 6:30 pm in the evening followed by lightning of lamp of Goddess Durga done by Dean Kunal Pasari, Respected faculty members and committee members.

The event featured vibrant decorations, colorful lighting, and traditional motifs that transform the college premises into a festive space. The students enthusiastically participated in traditional dance forms such as Garba and Dandiya Raas, showcasing their talent and enthusiasm for the cultural heritage.

Navratri night included activities like traditional food stalls, cultural performances, and competitions such as best dress and best garba (both male and female).It fosters a sense of camaraderie among students and allows them to create lasting memories of cultural exchange and celebration during their college years.

Apart from the cultural and religious aspects, Navratri night is also an occasion for socializing and connecting with friends and family. It fosters a sense of community as people come together to celebrate the victory of good over evil and seek the blessings of the divine.

Overall, Navratri night in college was vibrant and inclusive event that celebrated diversity, fosters cultural awareness, and creates a sense of unity among students, contributing to a rich tapestry of college life.

Student Conclave - 2023

The E-Cell club of NMIMS Dhule successfully completed its Student conclave event, a day of insightful sessions by The credible speakers were, Dr. Rajini Venkatadri (Associate Dean and IBSAF Coordinator, IBS Mumbai), Mr. Vikrant More (Cluster Manager - Nasik, Nippon Life India, Assets Management Ltd.), Ms. Priya Bhatwal (A Language Teacher with World Education Service - Global Virtual School & Registered Behavioral Health Technician from Orlando, Florida and USA) and Mr. Prashant Popali (Founder and Managing Director, SPopli Web Developers, Dhule), addressed on the following topic: Personal Effectiveness & Personal Branding for Successful Career, Innovative Themes in Mutual Funds, Behavioral Psychology, and Digital Marketing Trends, What the Future Holds, respectively. 

NMIMS Truly hopes that distinguished speakers had a wonderful experience with the students.

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