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EVENTS 2022-23

Poster Clash

On 27th September 2022, NMIMS SOC, Dhule, in association with the Synflair committee, organized a poster clash competition on the topic "Disaster Management." The competition involved participation from students of SVKM School, IOT, IOP, and SOC, in groups of two members. The objective of the competition was to test the student’s creativity, teamwork and presentation skills.
The students were given a limited frame of time to portray their thoughts regarding preparation for potential calamities and responding to them as quickly, strategically, and effectively as possible through drawings on posters. After the allotted time, each groups presented their ideas behind the same to the judges.
The competition witnessed an impressive participation of about 45 groups, each presenting unique perspectives on the topic. The judges evaluated the posters based on their creativity, relevance, and presentation skills. The groups with the best poster and presentation were awarded cash prizes, certificates, and medals.
The poster clash competition was an excellent initiative that encouraged students to think about disaster management and ways to prepare for potential calamities. It was not only a great platform for the students to showcase their artistic talents but also encouraged them to think beyond their academic curriculum. It provided an opportunity for the students to engage with one another and learn from each other's perspectives.

Navratri Dandiya Night 

At NMIMS SOC, Dhule we promote multicultural education which means that we conduct cultural activities that provide our students opportunity to express themselves which helps in confidence building and develop their social skills .As we aim at preparing our students to thrive in the diversity of our country. 
On 30th of September 2022, as a part of Navratri celebration, we had organised a Dandiya Night at our Dhule campus. It was one of the most exciting and awaited nights for all our students.  
The students and the staff celebrated Navratri unanimously came together for the Navratri celebration. The night was delighted with glamorous as well as aesthetic décor, vibrant and luminous lights, energizing music and delicious food kiosks (one of which was organised by our BBA final year marketing students itself). The event had witnessed the crowd of around 200 people. 
The evening was charmed by the beautiful and mesmerising traditional attires with people dancing their hearts out. The Dandiya celebration was full of fun, enthusiasm, entertainment, zest and enjoyment. 


Euphoria, the inter-college event hosted by NMIMS SOC, Dhule was a roaring success. The event was organized by the E-cell and Synflair committee on 10th & 11th February, 2023. The event witnessed an impressive participation of students from various colleges, each in groups of two members. The event was made even more fun and exciting with stalls from sponsors like - "New Decent, Hero Electric, Jalpaan, Upolis and Balaji Chat."
On February 10th, the first day of the event, "Quizzera" was conducted, which involved games like general knowledge quizzes, guess the brands, logos, rebus, influencers & currency bidding games. The event saw participation from 129 groups, each showcasing their intellectual prowess.
On February 11th, the second day of the event, "Management games" were conducted, which tested the student’s sync and entertainment skills. The games included puzzles, spot the difference, move the cups, simulation games on mobile phones, and lastly, the qualifiers to the final round had to merge in a group of six members to present a short skit on the topic allotted to them. 221 groups participated in Management games out of which 30 made it to the final round.
The finalists were given compensation prizes, while the most entertaining and engaging groups were declared winners and awarded with cash prizes, certificates, and vouchers from the sponsors. The event was a perfect platform for students to showcase their talents, engage in healthy competition, and network with like-minded individuals. It was a true celebration of sportsmanship, knowledge, and teamwork.

Numerology session

On 25th of February, 2023, our college (NMIMS SOC Dhule) had organised numerology Session at the campus. The event was open for the students as well as for people of Dhule.
The guest speaker of the event Mr.Dillip.R.Dalal Sir had enlightened the audience about the concept of numerology, as sir has had the experience of 25 years into this profession, having over 15000 users all over India and even overseas. Sir had acknowledged the audience about how numerology can be useful as well as beneficial in our life. The session was interactive and engaging, as live examples in the form of games were portrayed in front of the audience. Through the session the participants got to know the importance of numerology and the value that it holds in our life.
The session had witnessed the strength of more than 50 people. The audience found the event to be very captivating and a learning experience which changed their perception of things that occur in life.


"Advaita” is Nmims Dhule Campus’s flagship event which laid its foundation this year 2023. Advaita was organized by the students of the Synflair committee which is the cultural committee of the college. We at NMIMS believe that cultural activities provide students an opportunity to express themselves, build confidence and develop social skills that are essential for their development. "Advaita” aims to foster confidence and social skills in our students.
On the night of Advaita, the students got the opportunity to showcase their talents through dancing, singing and acting. The night also aimed at acknowledging the efforts of the students who had worked hard for their successful future through-out the year.
The parents of our students were also invited to watch the talent of our student as well witness their extracurricular achievements. Advaita 2023’ was a huge success and Nmims School of Commerce Dhule plans to successfully conduct more such events in the coming time to give significance to the extracurricular activities at our college.


Har Ghar Tiranga – Nukkad Natak – A street play was organized by students of SOC, Dhule to give public a message of Unity in Diversity

A street play was performed by students of SOC, Dhule on occasion on Independence day at various platforms including college and Railway station. The students via this street play tried to convey the message of "University in Diversity” amongst the citizens.

Orientation – BBA batch of 2022-25 orientation event, attended by students together with their parents

This year like every other year, School of Commerce, NMIMS Dhule welcomed a new set of minds with excitement and joy. The orientation marked the beginning of a new journey for the batch of 2022-2025 of BBA students. Eager to see their family grow, the faculties, staff and seniors welcomed the new batch to the NMIMS Dhule family with open arms. The Dean Sangita Kher Ma’am and Pro – VC Sharad Mahiskar Sir also addressed the students virtually.

The induction program is an annual tradition at NMIMS, SOC. I/C Associate Dean CA Kunal Pasari Sir boosted the moral and motivation of students in his speech. Students were also highlighted on the importance of striking balance between academics and extracurricular. A brief session on the campus, academics and exam rules by CA. Kunal Pasari, Head of the campus set the tone for the quality of discipline we, here at NMIMS adhere to. Students were also informed about international linkages of the university and internship and placement opportunities. Lastly the session concluded with guiding students on usage of important platforms such as student portal and online lecture platforms.

All in all, it resulted in making the freshers more comfortable and familiar in their new home. It set the tone for the years to come and gave them an insight into what they can expect during their time here at NMIMS

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